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The Legend of Mazze

‘The Legend of Mazze’ consists of a series of books

in which the adventures of Mazze, Knight-I, Girly Girl and their fourlegged-friend Robin come to life.

They visit many known and unknown worlds with their air-ship-castle and meet both ancient and brand new friends.


Like Mrs. Mari Marigold who appears out of ‘Nothingness’ when Nothing Helps,

Dot Tir the Ice Rabbit living behind the door to Elsewhere, whose feelings are deeply frozen by grief.

And Jibbe the lighthouse keeper, whose lighthouse can illuminate black holes in the universe.


They have loving and tender adventures with sometimes exciting, fearful or sad moments.
Fortunately, they always end in regained harmony.

In a metaphorical way the stories descibe the personal development

of curious, conscious (human) beings on a physical (part 1, The frozen pain of Dottir),

emotional and mental (part 2, The uprooted darkness enlightend) and

spiritual (part 3, The golden fleece of Pyramidland) level.


Available in Dutch

Read-Along Picturebooks

For the little ones among us; life experiences in pictures, sometimes accompanied by a single word.

Also available on YouTube.

Click here:

‘Who is ‘I’ and what is -e telling ‘Me''

For adults.

An English introduction,

summary and schedule.

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