who is 'i'
and what is -e telling me?

Wat 'Ik' te vertellen heeft

‘Who ís ‘I’ and what is -e telling ‘Me’?’

sheds another light on the natural, original and vital functioning of our I-force, the ego.

And clarifies how language has an essential function, power and value in it.


It offers insights into the influence words have on the many levels of our existence
and how we communicate with ourselves and each other.


A meeting with your Self.

What my ‘I’ is saying in this



I now see how owning our story
and loving ourselves through
that process is the bravest thing
that we will ever do.

Brené Brown

The ego makes use of your intuitive and instinctive knowing.
That knowing says No to that which in essence does not belong to you.
To that which is projected onto you from outside, imputed to you.


Unspoken accompanied by an energetic transmission beyond the DNA level

and expectation of the other to live that imputed content and be it, to be that identity.


This transmission is not recognized by you on a rational level

because it is overruled by imposed beliefs.


It is though still recognized at the level of your intuitive and instinctive knowing.


This knowing disappears into the background because you are taught to rely on your ratio.

And presents itself later, no longer recognized in its origin, in a narrative of your body,
e.g. in burnout, disruptive behavior or disease.


The ego force is actually a purifying, self-protective and bounding instrument.

It uses your inner fire, the purifying power of your owned up emotions,

allowing you to reconnect yourself purely with the authentic life force within you.


Your vitality.


Allowing you to reclaim your own place, space and life.


That inner knowing and richness undeniably says

Yes to your original self.

There’s no greater agony
than bearing an untold story
inside yourself.

Maya Angelou

A summary and schedule of this process can be viewed here.

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For the ones with a deep interest in life and for professionals and researchers,

this schedule can provide an insight in the way our human(e) ego and natural aggression functions.

And how we as human beings develop, based on physical realities and universal laws,

emotionally. mentally and spirtitually by following a natural life process.

You have to read it bottom up!

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