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In a world and time in which we are in danger of tangibly losing our human values and intrinsic function, we are more and more recognizably reminded of our essential need to want to live our selves and give purposeful form and direction.


Each in their own unique way, using the given talents present in us and an appropriated will for well-being and happiness, we have this as our guide in our lives and give form to it in the way given to us.

Dare to follow your heart, it will lead you

so your feet will know where to go.


Alja & Ans


Mrs. Alja Zwierenberg

Has self-taught various skills and crafts in the areas of painting, illustration, bronze sculpture, stained glass, computering and writing.


Likewise, she studied and researched universal life processes and laws, how they are communicated and what effects they have.


She studied at the Pabo, the HKLT faculty of educational studies (mathematics and economics), for kindergarten teacher and took various courses in the field of personal growth and development.


Established as an independent visual artist for private persons and companies and co-director since 1995, she and her partner Ans, provide personal development and inner communication courses and silverlining sessions as well as mentorships.


From an early age, Alja has marveled at words and has wondered how they essentially work and what powers lie within them.

This personal quest was initiated by the pain that words can cause her, the sense of injustice that regularly creeps up on her and the uncomfortable atmosphere that can be palpably present in a space when words are not spoken.

From the need she felt within herself to unravel the mystery that words carry within, followed an almost lifelong quest for answers.

Described, illustrated and interpreted by her in the metaphorical storytelling series “The Legend of Mazze” the daughter of Knighty-I and Girly Girl.


She wanted to know, on all levels of existence, where the discrepancy in people come from that causes their words not to match their actions, nor match reality as she experiences it.

That they are not authentic and therefore not trustworthy and painfully distort actual, demonstrable reality.


Are there natural processes and mechanisms at work in this?

Is there a natural law that can explain this phenomenon?


Slowly but surely, she gained insights into the true nature of events and she became aware of their underlying narratives.


She began to understand “the why” and could see from a different, broader and deeper, perspective how actual sensory perceptions (and their denial) were inseparable from the development of the power of the I, the ego, and self-consciousness.

And the purifying role natural aggression has in it.


She discovered that words carry  a miraculous and beautiful phenomenon withing them and that they clearly and distinctly give shape to what is living in her, moves and animates her.


She has described her findings in the (Dutch) book:

‘Wat ‘Ik’ te vertellen heeft’.

Ans Pasfoto

Mrs. Ans Rijpert

Grew up in a Brabant family with 6 children.


Gained years of experience within many different forms of the educational field as a physical education teacher, confidential advisor and student counselor. She was  active within the sports world for many years and practiced sports herself up to a high level.


She also studied Gestalt and Psycho-Synthesis, immersed herself in Haptonomy and trained intensively in the field of inner development processes and the resulting individual and group dynamics.


For years she has dedicated herself with determination and passion to her personal growth, inner enrichment and awareness. Her deep desire following truly being able to be herself, faithfully seeking her true source, nature and power to live from within. By constantly seeking answers and as a result finding them, because of what and who she encountered in her life, life itself.


Down-to-earth and always persevering, searching through alternatives to what is already known and finding her true answers and form in following her own path of life. 

Open to but rarely content with mainstream solutions that failed to bring peace within herself. Learning to acknowledge, listen to and fathom her physical narratives, misunderstanding, psychological obstacles, a sense of futility in herself and others.

Living through a kundalini path of years of intuitive schooling, of etheric and spiritual growth and awareness. 


She works from a holistic awareness and is since 1995 established as an independent entrepreneur and co-director.


She possesses a great personal consciousness and uses a practical, passionate, involved, enthusiastic way of working which is experienced and described by others of a great recognizable simplicity and quite unique.


From lived experiences she comes to share authenticity and knowledge in her courses and consultations. Which are characterized by quality, content, simplicity, clarity, intensity, creativity, decisiveness, independence, sobriety and humor.


Her work is experienced by many as an inspiring source and brings a fresh clarifying, different perspective on finding a way towards oneself.

And offers practical support to take on the required processes of change courageously and truthfully enter into.


Thereby everyone’s human function in every organization and structure making possible again.


Each in their own humane way.


As of December 2, 2023, Ans will be retired. She will joyfully continue to be part of The Art of CCB in her own unique way, shaping whatever comes her way.


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