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Over the years Alja  created ‘The Legend of Mazze’  a metaphorical series in which the developments of the ‘eternal child’ and the many dimensions of consciousness that exist in life are described.


She also created ‘Read-Along Picturebooks’ for everyone who still can be amazed and enchanted by the wonders of life.


And in search for answer which powers bear words within themselves she wrote ‘Wat ‘Ik’ te vertellen heeft’

(‘Who is ‘I’ and what is -e telling ‘Me’).


‘A New Dawn – Healing today’s history to create another future’ is a creation story that shares life’s realities which we, as human beings, seem to have forgotten about. They turned into blanks and therefor the answers to life questions seems to be scattered all over the world and everyone is holding a piece of it.


Putting the pieces together, brought us insights in where in history we might have lost our true selves and how we can return ‘home’ again.


Alja is also a teammember of the Dutch Publisher Uitgeverij Klare Taal. Information about future projects will be shared here.

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