Mentorship session

‘Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts’

Albert Einstein

To lay a responsible foundation for yourself
for an inner growth process based on the person you are now.


To, in a self-responsible, personal and authentic way, be able to build a bridge

with knowledge and gained insights in not yet known or consciously present,
inner dimensions and qualities of yourself as a human being.


To build from there through a gradual and structural way further
towards awareness, transformation and knowledge transfer.


Creating the necessary basic conditions to handle

your life developments in a responsible way.


Grace means that all of your mistakes

now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.

Brené Brown

That what you have learned and owned up

throughout your life’s journey

are your means, tools and resources.


It is the concrete result of what you had to plow through.

To experience in order to learn and develop.


So that you can use those substantive qualities

and your experiences can guide your actual actions.

Being aware of yourself, living from your inner richness.


You are wholeheartedly invited,


Ans & Alja

‘To sense is common. Use it. It’s common … sense.’

Ans & Alja

Practical information


90 minutes


Request session by e-mail:


Within Dutch time frame:

Central European time

14.00 – 21.30 uur



First session € 120,=

Subsequent sessions € 90,=

To be paid 24 hours before commencement.

Free of BTW~taxes


Per Skype, Zoom or LinkedIn

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